LBM Mixtape No. 113


Nakoma – Solaris (at Temple Bar 12/17)

Agoraphobia 广场恐惧症 – When We Were 23 (at Yue Space 12/16)

SMZB – Ten Thousands Ways To Rebel (at Yugong Yishan 12/17)

Nine Treasures – Nuutshai Chadal (at Tango 12/17)

Sparrow 文雀 – 南方 (at Omni Space 12/16)

Toy Soliders 玩具兵团 – 那些说不出口的梦想和看不清颜色的人生 (at DDC 12/17)

Deep Mountains – Mist in July 泰安七有月雾 (at Mao Livehouse 12/17)

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