LBM Mixtape No. 112


Streets Kill Strange Animals 街道杀死奇怪的动物 – McD Kids 麦当劳少年 (Modernsky Lab 12/3)

Xiao He 小河 – 德波流浪歌 (Yue Space 12/3)

L1STALLDO – Lily (REC Room 12/2)

The Molds – Chatless (DDC 12/4)

Shave \’N\’ Shut – Beer Rock N’ Roll 瓦尔登啤酒湖 (School Bar 12/2)

Only Jane – 长大 (Mao Livehouse 12/3)

Nahash – Old Religion (fRUITYSPACE 12/4)


Check out out each of these bands this weekend in Beijing! 

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