LBM Mixtape #40



1) IZ – 空域II

Xinjiang artist whose blend of traditional Kazakh music, industrial, and avant-garde music has both folk and noise fans lending their ears. (XP Sunday February 1st)


2) Hamacide + ChaCha – Annie Gun (Yosi Horikawa Remix)

Collaboration between Japanese electronica producer Hamacide and Shanghai trip hop singer ChaCha – ethereal and vibrant. (Dada Friday January 3oth)


3) Lonely Leary – 放火

Art rock newcomers who wear their noise rock influences proudly. (School Thursday January 29th)


4) Hello Money – The Kitchen

Four piece reggae hip-hop outfit out of Shanghai. (Temple Friday January 3oth)


5) Aming – MoOn

Roaming improv noiser A Ming keen on mixing it up, whether with a flute, a guitar, double bass, electric fan – the list goes on. (XP Tuesday January 27th)


6) The Big Wave – Not Just Imagining

New wave electro rock kids with a fetish for New Order-esque soundscapes, recently signed to Modern Sky. (School Saturday January 31st)


7) Xiao He – 世美颂

Hebei native freak folk legend Xiao He who gives audiences what he calls ‘the unrestrained debauchery of an independent declaration.’ (School Friday January 3oth)

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