LBM Mixtape #39


Track listing below…

Yan Jun – 15 seconds for nothing

Experimental sound artist, critic, curator, and performance poet – one of the scene’s most prolific artists in the truest sense. (XP 20/01)


Paper Tiger Jamboree – SMOG CITY

Consisting of Richard Deorian of Low Bow, and Wang Xin Jiu of Birdstriking playing drum, guitar, keyboard, with a whole lot of looping from a beat box – lo-fi music with a pulse. (XP 23/01)


Fake Weed – You Won On Points, We Won On Skill

New math noise punk duo that’s chock full of screaming and musicians trying ‘to hit notes to fill in the gaps of the other musicians’. (Temple 22/01)


Empty Space On a Chessboard – Dementia With Lewy Bodies

Empty Space On a Chessboard is a Taiwanese audiovisual group which combines IDM / Ambient music, sound and visual projection. (Yugong Yishan 20/01)


DiD – sick

Cold wave synth trio formed fromed the ashes of The Planets (the other being The Big Wave) that’s just gearing up. (Hive Club 24/01)


Gate to Otherside – Underground SUN

Psychedelic noise indie outfit who shook the music scene up in the past six months. (Temple 22/01)


Nakoma – Vintage Horror A

Nakoma gives post rock some teeth mixing in math rock, punk and time signatures galore. (DDC 24/01)


Tulegur (Gangzi)  – 融化

Inner Mongolian artist brings a modern take to the traditional singing form which involves throat singing. (DDC 24/01)


Charm – theone

Charm is an ongoing performance and recording project incorporating field recordings, “found” cultural sounds, and decaying feedback/ noise/ drone collages. (Dada 22/01)

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