LBM Mixtape #38


As some of you may know, our weekly mixtape have been highlighting the weekend’s featured performers and bands. To extend the musical palettes of our mixtapes we’ve decided to release them at the beginning of the week so as to include bands performing throughout the entire week. Enjoy!

LBM Mixtape #38 by Livebeijingmusic on Mixcloud

Tracklist below…

Solaris – 彻夜

 A band I’m super curious about – they’re a new psychedelic post rocking shoegazing outfit that sounds all kinds of righteous. (perform at XP on Friday, January 16th)


 JFI – huasiiad

Changchun-based glitch electronica musician with a fetish for bending some circuits. (performs at School January 14th)

Hua Zhou – 飘

Hua Zhou is a folk singer famous for her humorous sometimes vulgar lyrics – a hit with university students she has gathered a huge following online. (performs at Yugong Yishan January 16th)


White Elephant +++ – Punk Jazz

Schizoid ‘punk jazz’ coming out of Nanjing. (perform at XP on Saturday, January 17th)


Low Wormwood – 那支船

Lanzhou-based folk rock act that has drawn critical acclaim over the past half decade. (perform at Mako Livehouse on Saturday, January 17th)


Spy Rat 51 – 08

The grindcore ‘throw it all at the wall’ side project from Soviet Pop duo Li Qing and Li Weisi. (performs at XP January 17th)


Fast Son – One Is All You Need

One man trash blues courtesy of sometimes expat and internet star Richard Doran, of Low Bow and Cloud Choir fame.  (performs at Old What? Bar January 17th)


Omnipotent Youth Society – The Boulder That Crushes the Beast

 One of China’s most celebrated rock bands out of Shijiazhuang, Omnipotent Youth Society is a quintet that exquisite, genuine, and larger than life. (performs at School January 17th)


Arty Bitches – 不交稿就吃屎

Another up and coming band I had the pleasure of catching for the first time last week – which, based on flowers handed out during the show, I think was their first show. No wave quintet with a lotta potential. (performs at Hive Club January 17th)

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