LBM Mixtape 158


Demerit 过失乐队-自主沉浮 (Beijing/Maybe Mars)

The Hormones 荷尔蒙小姐 – 招手 (Chengdu/Fake Music)

ZHI16 – Immortal (Beijing/Self-Released)

The Life Journey 旅行团乐队 – 周末玩具 (Beijing/Modernsky)

Howie Lee –  Ni Ri Li Ya 尼日利亚  (Beijing/Self-Released)

Bohan Phoenix – OVERSEAS 海外 (HubeixNYC/Empire)

YiShi 衣湿乐队 – 把把烧 (Zhuhai/CaoTai)

Panic Worm 驚蟲 – what is this (Wuhan/Wild Records)

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