LBM Mixtape 155



Foster Parents – Minor Species (Shanghai/Qiii Snacks x Sweaty and Cramped) 

The Twenties 乐队 – 1986 (Beijing/Self-Released)

thereisnobodydancing-Too Late to (Weihai/Self-Released) 

Tzusing – 日出東方 唯我不敗 (Shanghai/L.I.E.S Records)

DA DICKMINERZ – Battlefield of MeatLords 肉王战场 (ChangshaxBeijing/Swahili)

The Queen’s Garden 女王花园 – 午夜警报 (Wuhan/VOX) 

Ajinai 阿基耐 – 候鸟 (Beijing/CaoTai HuiSheng)

DROPDOWN – up up (?/playreclabel)

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