LBM Mixtape 127



Faded Ghost – Lonely Alice (Shanghai/SVBKVLT) 

Mirrors 解离的真实 – Hun (Shanghai/self-released)

Duck Fight Goose 鸭打鹅 – Running 奔跑 (Shanghai/D-Force Records) 

Yue Xuan 岳璇 – Ghost 鬼 (chenchenchen 陈陈陈 Remix) (Hangzhou/MiTuan) 

Wu Zhouling 吴卓玲 – The Dragon Year (Chengdu/Drum Rider) 

LOFIMAKER –  Sui Ya Jiao Shi 碎牙嚼尸 (Beijing/Do Hits)

Luijiafan 六甲番 – Elegant Singer 大東亞共榮圈 (Guangzhou/self-released)


Photo by Ren Hang

Mixtape 173 mixed by Dee

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