LBM Mixtape 126



Little Wizard 小巫师 – 火烛 (Hangzhou/Space Circle) 

Young Mai – 百炼成仙 (Prod. By Mai) (Xi’an/xXx Studio) 

TOW – If I am in love with you (Beijing/self-released)

Baishui 白水 – A Ballad 鄉謠 (Alternate Version) (self-released) 

Broken Thoughts – subatomic (Kunming/self-released)

Wu Wei 武玮 – 飞扬的幽灵 (Beijing/Mammoth Records)

Endless White – 光明的幻象 (Xi’an/self-released) 

Li Daiguo – 李带菓 (Dali/Starsing Music)

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