LBM Mixtape 121 混音带

Qi Zitan 祁紫檀 – 吃香菜后的呓语  (Hangzhou/self-released)

Dabozz 大包子 – Tokyo Lover~Hell Sent Me~ (Nanjing/self-released)

Qianchuan Drugstore 浅川药店乐队 – Chinatown (Beijing/self-released)

Chinese Football – Electric Girl 电动少女  (Wuhan/VOX Records)

Pumpkins小南瓜乐队 – The Very Last Toper  (Xinxiang/Converse)

Gate to Otherside – Don’t Get Emotional  (Beijing/Maybe Mars)

Forsaken Autumn – Touch  (Shanghai/self-released)

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