LBM Mixtape No. 215


Glow Curve 发光曲线 – Money Never Sleeps 金钱不眠 (Beijing/Modern Sky)

Shii – Blurred (Wuhan/Merrier Records)

Right Lane Convergence 右侧合流 – Repercussions 发芽 (Huizhou/Self-Released)

YangJi 养鸡 – 119 (Hangzhou/Ruby Eyes Records)

The Big Wave 大波浪 – What’s Wrong Joy Division (Beijing/Modern Sky)

smellyhover 施妙力吸尘器 – 收工喇喂 (Guangzhou/Qiii Snacks Records)

Senses Printing 涂闻打印店 – Dreamy Forest (Kunming/Self-Released)

Pale Air – Enthusiastic Lunatic (Shanghai/SJ Records)

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