LBM Mixtape 混音带 No. 124

Mirrors 解离的真实 – 了断了Le Duanle (Shanghai/self released)
Fayzz – Restless Moon (Chengdu/1724 Records)
South Acid Mimi Dance Team – Ska Jam After Strong Weed (Kunming/self released)
Howie Lee – Four Seas 四海 (Beijing/DoHits)
MC Dawei 大卫 – 少年 (Beijing/XinShengLang)
Penicllin 盘尼西林 – 来自城市的幻想 (Beijing/StreetVoice)
Wonder Sea 出海部 – 南方 (Beijing/self released)
XiChu 熹楚-时代又在召唤 (Guiyang/self released)

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