LBM Exclusive: thruoutin/Noise Arcade Shanghai Tour


Between shooting a festival and taking a month detour to Africa, a lot of material has been left on the backburner, fermenting, if you will. Back in April I had the opportunity to join local artists and buddy ol’ pals thruoutin and Noise Arcade as they pulled into Shanghai for a three-day stint in the city that never ceases to charm my pants off. It was a blast to say the least – full of some unique performances, welcoming hospitality, and debauchery of the highest order. Have a look –

Click below for my collection of stand-alone videos including a truly terrifying performance from noise artist Torturing Nurse, as well Noise666, Bedstars, Little Punk, and Hujiahuwei. Cheers Shanghai for tempting me again and again.


Our first evening commenced at The Shelter, Shanghai’s premier underground club, which in fact, is an underground bomb shelter whose musk is strong enough to kill an underage high school girl.

Love the place, and the vibe of ‘Let’s Get Naked And Do Some Drones’ – the series started by Acid Pony Club member Laura Ingalls- dance music at its most deviant. And special shout to Tina Sprinkles, who accompanied the performances with a kaleidoscope video-feed – mind blowing.


After ram shackling the closest local family mart, we enjoyed the hospitality (and balcony) of our guests, and after a little pedal porn action the next day, we jumped north to 696, a cozy little venue known for its experimental nights. Worries that my hangover would keep me out of commission were quickly dispelled after being hypnotized by Noise666’s Gameboy-hacked musical instrument….

and then purged altogether by demon exorcist/all around nice guy Torturing Nurse, who, um, yeah, just watch.

Imagine trying to follow that – Noise Arcade and thruoutin gave it their all with wildly off the cusp sets compared to the previous nights –

just about basking in the evenings’ exploratory air and taking the offbeaten path as far down as possible.

Not your usual Friday evening, that’s for sure. That is until we ventured over to the rabbit hole that is known as Inferno and checking ourselves in for some goofiness. Alas, one day left.


My second Record Store Day in Shanghai and wouldn’t you know it – the place was packed with Beijingerens of all ilk. None the least who were most in awe of Shanghai were The Bedstars, who were more than taken aback by the wonderful reception (and overall ‘whiteness’ ahem) of their first visit.

Ex-Shanghaiese Little Punk, made up of our own Pei Pei and Morgan Short, quite possibly the cutest couple this side of town (or most frightening depending on who you ask) gave a lovely performance, before thruoutin and Noise Arcade brought it forth.

CDs were slung, wechat contacts shared, and a many audience members left fulfilled.

Yes, Uptown Records treated us fair and well. The night continued over at Harley’s where we caught Hujiahuwei busting nuts left and right as well as Round Eye tearing it up. Here’s a shoddy-shot taste of Hujiahuwei.

Then as per usual in Shanghai, we found ourselves jumping between Inferno and The Shelter before trekking to the train station for an early early train back to Beijing.


Thanks for the good times Shanghai! Till next time.

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