LBM Exclusive: Streets Kill Strange Animals \’Through\’ MV Release


First off, apologies to everyone who waited way too long for this MV to come to fruition – it definitely should’ve been finished back in December but between visa runs, Christmas hijinks, and babysitting new Beijingers, it got left on the back burner. My bad. Back to the good news – it’s finally done. A special shoutout to everyone who made this possible – Nevin Domer over at Genjing Records, Dann the man Gaymer (who’s on a epic southeast asia tour as his alter ego right now), Streets Kill Strange Animals, my bossy camera girl Fang Zhou and her kickass assistant Fu Shou, \’on-the-scene\’ mentor Yaya, and the countless volunteers and extras who came out for that exhausting Monday afternoon bus ride through Beijing. I’m sure you may recognize a few. Thanks again! Alright, enough talk, have a look!   Youtube   Vimeo   Youku

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