LBM Exclusive: Luv Plastik vs. Jeff Yiu

\"LuvA couple months back I was contacted about setting up a shot which would involve screening music videos by photographer Jeff Yiu over garage rock duo Luv Plastik – and of course I said yes. A new band, superfly videos, and a chance to terrorize XP – no way I could turn that down. So without further a due, here\’s what we shot for the the rambunctious, infectiously entertainingly, completely bonkers, and perhaps just slightly perverted Dan tag team that is Luv Plastik. Bask in it!


Check out the other two songs, \’Not Another Luv Song\’ and \’Prep\’. Special thanks to Dann Gaymer and Dirty Wizard, the latest micro label that will be releasing Luv Plastik\’s work later this summer. And of course, ace artist Jeff Yiu for making the magnificent music videos for the evening.


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