LBM Exclusive: 6/6 \’Smooth Sailing\’ Showcase


It was only a matter of time kids – Live Beijing Music is happy to throw their first (and hopefully not last) show with this scorching hot lineup to kick start your weekend – 6/6 LBM \’Smooth Sailing\’ Showcase (believe me, it makes more sense in Chinese). And wouldn’t you know it – the show happens to fall on 6/6 – one of the year’s luckiest days. LBM has selected some of its favorite bands of the past year for an evening of rock and roll that’ll leave School reeling. Performing are The Big Wave who have taken their synth punk to new levels, turning it into a frantic, twisted funkadelic showcase of neurosis. Also on hand we have The Diders, who have been shell-shocking audiences since late last year with their no holds barrel rock and roll which threatens to ignite at each and every turn – heck, their bassit just had to get surgery because of manic flailing. We have up and comers Heat Mark, a garage rocking duo that’s been the talk of the town, and whom I’m excited to check out for the first time. And if that wasn’t enough we have a very special performance from a new super secret band called Cat AIDS. Hint: tracksuits might be involved. So bring your friends, bring your loved ones, bring your stray cats and get ready to let loose. It’s 6.6 folks!! Time to roll the dice and get lucky!

When: Friday, June 6th 9:30pm

Where: School Bar

Ticket: 40/50 RMB

Lineup: The Big Wave, The Diders, Heat Mark, Cat AIDS

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