LBM Exclusive: 2014 Dansheng Music Festival


This past May after going through the motions with Strawberry and MIDI, I had the pleasure of taking the train up to Dalian, where Han Linlin and Xie Yugang from Echo Books & Coffee, plus other musicians from local bands Wang Wen, Doc Talk Shock and Which Park had organized a very cool, very music-oriented, very audience-friendly – basically everything that Strawberry and MIDI lacks – festival that I went absolutely gaga for – Dansheng Music Festival. And wouldn’t you have it – we shot the hell out of it. Some of the most fun I’ve had shooting with an exceptional team of nimrods, fishmongers, necromancers, and filmmakers – including Hannes Bloomaert, David Mondin, Gramae Nicol, as well as our merry host, Dann Gaymer. And though we plan on eventually pillaging through all the material, and editing together a short documentary on the event and people behind it (does kickstarter fund three hundred dollar projects?), here’s a taste of what went down. Enjoy!!

Bands included: Hiperson (Chengdu), Proximity Butterfly (Chengdu), Alpine Decline, Which Park (Dalian), Doc Talk Shock (Dalian), Sonic Deadhorse (Taiwan), Duck Fight Goose (Shanghai), The Dyne, Glow Curve, Lure —— just try getting a lineup that good. Expect to see a lot more from those Prism Production cats – they’re hot. Oh, and if you’re interested, the team behind Dansheng Music Festival will be throwing another bash at the end of August. Did I mention Dalian is beautiful this time of year?

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