Interview: Theo Nugraha


Interview conducted by Michael Cupoli

Theo Nugraha is experimental musician from Indonesia. In the month of February, Theo Nugraha organized an event called \”Dialog dan Komunikasi\” in which he released a split every day with a different artist. The final split is with Noise Arcade and has been released on Nasty Wizard Recordings on February 29th. In addition to Theo Nugraha\’s prolific recording output, he tours throughout Southeast Asia quite regularly. Theo Nugraha let us ask him some questions about his various projects and activities.

What is your background in music?

Theo Nugraha may be referred to as the opening or initial wave of noise / experimental in Samarinda, East Kalimantan. Since 2012, after my band broke up, I continued to work as a solo project that plays electronic music. However, Indra Menus (To-Die) helped to change my view of music which got me to try more new and unique things. In 2013, I slowly started to change my musical style and then release a split album together experimentalnya in To-Die (Yogyakarta)


What bands and/or music projects are you involved with? What kind of music would you say that you make?

Here are some videos of my side project which is better than me describing them.


In the month of February, you have an online event called Dialog Dan Komunkasi where you will release a split a day on bandcamp. How did you come up with this idea?

For the theme of the event, a friend from Semarang named Fredian gave me a lot of ideas. And Fhatur (Jeritan) helped me with the English.

Who are the 29 artists that you will be doing the splits with?

Here is the line up for the splits: Noise Machine, Kontroljet, M.Nomized, Hanaka, Pellikhan, Sean derrick cooper marquardt, Headcleaner, Xem, SoonCrazy, Dr. NoiseM, Yousuke Fuyama, Phantasm Nocturnes, Koobaatoo Asparagus , Jeritan, Sorrow, ANKBKTNOISESCAPE, God Pussy, I Eternal, Kliverryum, REZEEGTNUK, Diskusi Ilmiah, HeidyYouko, Amokian, Rama Yakub, IHATETHISWORLD, Bergegas Mati, sistem busuk dari dalam, DJ Kaos, R.J.M.L, Noise Arcade, SRVTR, Ramon Red and Elma


How did you get in contact with so many different people to do Dialog Dan Komunkasi? Was it hard to coordinate the project?

I contacted most of the people by Facebook. It was not too difficult because I knew most of them already. After they agreed to take part in the project, I asked them to send their tracks before a deadline in January. But some of the artists sent their music to me a little bit later in February but that wasn\’t a problem.


Nasty Wizard Recordings will be releasing your split with Noise Arcade as part of Dialog Dan Komunkasi. Is this your first release in China? What does your music being released in China mean to you?

This is my first release in China. I am so happy to have my music released there. I want to tour China too and see what the scene is like there.


Besides Nasty Wizard Recordings, are any of the other splits being released on labels? If so, what labels are they and where are they based?

So far there is not another besides Nasty Recording. However, most of the people that I am doing splits with will make copies themselves.

What are your plans after you have finished Dialog Dan Komunkasi?

I have released many different splits in the month of February. Then I have to prepare for my mini tour of Bali. And then perhaps I will tour Thailand and hopefully, China too.




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