Interview : Jia Huizhen

When Jia Huizhen, the two-member electro pop duo, played at Hot Cat Club a couple weeks ago, I was smitten. It’s dreamy, angry, and was pulsing with a singular voice. So when I confronted the shy, angelic voiced singer, who hails from Ningxia, on her journey to Beijing in pursuing her dream, I was ecstatic she was willingly to offer me some answers, though the owners at Hot Cat Club cut me short on time (mainly my own unprofessional fault). Here’s what she had to say…


When did you fell in love with music and decide to follow your dream?

I am a big fan of music and had this dream since I was a kid.
I came to Beijing in 2003, I met Yao Sichen then – we wanted to make an awesome album in 2005. The record industry was no longer booming in 2009, so we decided to do live shows in 2010. We were frustrated when trying to find some band mates, so it ended up with just two of us in this band.


How has your musical style changed since 2005?


We used to focus on our having a regular band format with our music but we do more electronic music now.

Are there a lot of dark undertones to your songs?


I put my anger to the songs when I wrote them. A new song I played today also expressed my anger. But I would rather say it’s rebellion more than anger.


You guys are doing more and more live shows in the recent year, what are your feelings on this?

Absolutely we are very happy! But sometimes we get nervous and stressful when there is a big crowd off the stage – it also encourages us to create better songs.


Do you guys plan to make your own album?


We more than want to make an album, but we haven’t planned it yet.
So you guys have to wait patiently. Now we’ll looking to write more great songs in the sense of inner peace.



Jia Huizhen!! Be sure to check her out alongside New Zealander Secret Knives (whose using two of our prominent music scenesters as a backing band) tomorrow, Thursday July 26th, at XP and at 13 Club, Saturday August 4th, the weekend after. And check out her douban page as well.

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