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As many of you know by now, this weekend Indie Music Store, one of the few record store strongholds in town, and a place which I frequently throw down some red-faced Maos for, is celebrating two years this weekend at Mao Livehouse. I swung around the store Sunday to purchase some more much needed albums (I can finally listen to Skip Skip Ben Ben’s latest on my iTouch..yaaaaa) and toss one of the managers, Guo Cheng, a few quick questions about the past, present, and future.

The lowdown for this weekend

The show will take place March 1st and 2nd at Mao Livehouse – the first night will be folk music with Zhang QianqianPoshangcun, Zhang Guonian, Buyi and Xiao He, while the second night will focus on Britpop with Cha Liangfen, Elenore, Shou Ye Zhe, Ge Bi Tuan and Escape Plan coming out.

Why the duo decided to open a store

First of all, I personally love the rock and independent music scene – even as far back as I was kid. So in a sense, I was able to achieve my childhood dream. Previously, I worked in a record company (Modern Sky), but I learned I enjoyed more working for myself. I opened the store with my good friend (Zhou Yin) – so yeah, we’re doing our own thing.

How his past experience helped get him to where he is now

I knew lots of band under Modern Sky, who I helped to produce and release records. Now, whenever their bands have new releases they are willing to bring them here. Modern Sky not only brought me “guanxi” in the scene, but it also helped me to appreciate the beauty of music and the crop of bands here even more.

On the difficulties of running a store

Many of our customers aren’t that familiar with rock music, which most of our music selection here is based in – not the songs, the style, nothing. Basically, they\’ll just walk around and browse without purchasing anything. As always, the rent in Gulou is expensive so we are always facing money issues as well.

On the possibility of more shows in the future

In the beginning, I hoped to be the head huncho, you know, a brand – I signed a couple of bands, help throw some shows. Even getting those not signed to a company got their work out. Woundorous. We’ll definitely continue throwing events in the future when even we can.

Favorite style of music

Indie, post-punk, it’s all great – everything from Sonic Youth to Pink Floyd.


Brief, to the point – read up SmartBeijing’s story for a little more insight and keep an eye over here for new Chinese releases soon to be found on the shelves at Indie Music Store. Oh and of course help the boys celebrate this weekend at Mao. It\’ll be a ball.

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