In Pictures: Zoomin\’ Night Underpass (15.09.2015)


After a month without my fix, I decided last Tuesday to head back out into the wild and get my first autumn taste of what the music scene\’s been cooking. The well-known series Zoomin\’ Night, hosted by Zhu Wenbo, has been making noise in a Sanyuanqiao underpass since it\’s incubator, XP went kaput earlier this summer. And while I\’ve never been a regular Zoomin\’ Night attendee, something about the mix of killer acoustics, curious crowd (much larger than your regular XP turnout), and an \’off-the-wall\’ improv set from Zhu Wenbo, Zhao Cong, Yan Yulong, Li Binyu, Li Song, and A Ke, as well as a sweet and lovely guitar set from visiting New Delhi songwriter Lifafa, turned the evening into one for the books. This is what DIY is all about folks. Josh Feola wrote a nice piece on the event over at SmartBeijing that you all should check out— I\’ll just leave you with these pics.








































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