In Pictures: Yang Wenliang, VU, thruoutin (FLOSO 08.03.2016)


Record store/clothing boutique FLOSO located just a few yards away from the splendid cesspool of Temple and Dada, had their grand opening a week back. The space is quite nice – loaded with records of all ilk and clothing that fits right in with the rest of Gulou. However, what’s most exciting is the prospect of future events – being held in the store’s back which is big enough for some low-key, electronic or experimental sets for certain. Word is they hope to do ‘workshops’ on the weekends to get things rolling. Whatever the case, I’m in. For the opening, Yang Wenliang, VU, and thruoutin gave listeners an earful of ambient tones, industrial beats, and pipa-infused soundscapes. Be sure to check out FLOSO at No. 196 Gulou Dong Dajie. Pictures below the jump.






























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