In Pictures: Xingjiang Bo, Jiang Shaofeng, Fast Son, thruoutin (fRUITYSHOP 04.12.2014)


After failing once to bring some friends to an event at fRUITYSHOP, the super duper coolest little record store this side of China (re: Li Jianhong and a guitar is too much for some people) I decided to venture back forth there last week to see the one and only Richard Doran, aka Fast Son, on a pit stop through Beijing, dick around on some traditional chinese string instrument that is crazy hard to tune. Also, some dope tap dance guitar improv performance from Xingjiang Bo and Jiang Shaofeng, and finally thruoutin getting his freak on with a Mengqi-modified pipa. Sweeeettttt.

Did I mention how much I love fRUITYSHOP – hands down one of the collest new digs in Beijing. Get there already. Oh, and more pictures of the good times below.





















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