In Pictures: Wusuozai, The Twenties, S-Mud, Hard Candy Revolution (School 07.03.2016)


Was lucky enough to hit up this year’s first Electric Lady Festival – a two-day multi-venue event dedicated to, you guessed it, all the ladies out there. It’s simply incredible that Beijing is blessed with scores of women embedded in the music scene. Whether singing indie pop singles, raging through a mosh pit, or shredding on a guitar, women continue to kick all sorts of ass here. For the first evening School Bar hosted lots of promising new faces, whom we’ll surely be hearing from in the future. The ethereal tones of Wusuozai, the indie bliss of The Twenties, the hard rock pop of Hard Candy Revolution, and the ‘take-no-prisoners’ punk blitz of S-Mud, it was a night of fresh and diverse sounds – a testament to not simply just the city’s burgeoning music scene, but to the opportunities that are nurtured and made available. More pictures below.


































































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