In Pictures: thruoutin, DJ Guigz, DJ Fancy Hobo (No. 6 Jianguo Bar 29.10.2016)


Finally got to get my feet wet in the DJing game. Nerve wrecking I tell you. I really need to come up with some new moves – maybe a head tilt or something. Despite DJ Fancy Hobo’s shortcomings, it was an absolute blast to be able to play some of favorite new tunes to come out of the Mainland in the past couple years to a very nice crowd at the very cool No. 6 Jianguo Bar. Chill vibes all around with a bit of help from DJ Guigz, the all-knob version of Guiguisuisui, and thruoutin, who was kicking off his globe-trotting tour that evening. And of course, the cat horde. Check out more pictures below.






















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