In Pictures: Swans (Yugong Yishan 04.02.2015)


Or that time I forgot to wear earplugs? Yeah, listening to the US experimental noise rock outfit, Swans, who have been kicking it since the 1980s was like partaking in the most extreme sermon ever. A nerve wrecking symphony of noise, ideas, and ritualistic shamanism that was above all, one of a kind. As one friend put it, it was \”a fantastic show of endurance, otherworldly noise and basilica beats\”. Heck, I  barely took out my camera out of fear that the lens would scatter from the sheer awesomeness of it all. Split Works and Yugong Yishan outdid themselves here. Slouches these old geezers were not. Check below for more pictures and be sure to check the newly updated JUE Festival schedule, which is looking all sorts of dope.




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