In Pictures: Summer Blaze (DDC 01.08.2015)


LBM is back online! Did you’d notice even. Hopefully not as we’ve been unloading post upon post these past few weeks — my summer collection if you will. Anywho, before we update everything (i.e calendar) and bring you back into the present, one last look at last month’s scorcher of a showcase — Summer Blaze. Now we already saw Stechs perspective on the event, which includes plenty of pictures of my deteriorating state of mind, but now it\’s time to sneak a peek at what my camera was able to capture. She Never Sings Our Songs, The Twenties, Jajatone, Gate to Otherside, Deadly Cradle Death, Cassette – these ones are you you beautiful sons of bitches. Couldn\’t of been done without you. Let\’s keep the flames of the Beijing music scene alive and well. Thanks again!!!! Keep an eye out for the next DDC blowout in mid-October.


























































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