In Pictures: STRFKR (USA) (Yugong Yishan 13.12.2015)


Despite the fact that the body was exhibiting all signs of weekend withdrawal, I managed to squeeze some time over at Yugong Yishan a couple weeks back to check out STRFKR (formerly Starfucker), a US indie pop band who had popped up on my radar back in 2011. Bright, eccentric indie electro pop with a lo-fi sensibility and not an ounce of cynicism, their music is one that I often (even sometimes guiltily) keep turning to. So you could say I was pretty excited. Well, expectations can be a bitch. While the band was giving it their all, simply put, Yugong Yishan couldn\’t give their sound the gravitas or electronic heft that was necessary. And while, the crowd was committed, an adorable mix of hardcore fans, both local and expat, it was still a Sunday night crowd. And that sinking Sunday feeling eventually swept over me and forced me to bow out early (that and the prospect of seeing a friend lose his shit on stage elsewhere — more on that tomorrow). Anyway, check out the groovy and festive pictures below.







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