In Pictures: Sound of the Xity (Tango May 2016)


As many of you know already, the music scene took quite a hit two weeks back, the biggest of which was the Sound of the Xity festival, a multi-day, multi-venue annual festival bridging bands from aboard and here, being forced to consolidate all their shows (which were supposed to go down at Yugong Yishan, School Bar, Modernsky Lab, and DDC over the week) into two days at Tango. A bitter pill for all, particularly for the bands making the trip up forced to perform on a workday afternoon in a dingy near empty venue, but one that had to be swallowed. Nevertheless, the bands put in their time, and gave it their all, though I do have some reservations about seeing some of my favorite pastime bands phoning it in (i.e. Residence A, WHAI, Re-TROS). I was more impressed by some of the visiting bands, including MaBang, out of Guangzhou, who managed to get executives and other industries handlers to leave their VIP lounges and hit the floor, as well as RC4Y, out of Anhui, who provided some heavy mathrocky post rock. And really, can’t go wrong with Zhaoze, who are now sporting an electric guqin. It’ll be interesting to see if Sound of the Xity even bothers next year with another edition after all is said and done. Check out more pictures below from the two-day event.

Full list of bands (in order I saw): U-Dastan Ensemble, Zulu, Elenore, Shao, The Hormones, Twinkle Star, WHAI, Residence A, Re-TROS, Supermarket, RC4Y, Tulegur, MaBang, Zhaoze.


















































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