In Pictures: SISU (USA), Pacalolo (School 20.11.2016)


Remember a time when singers could have a beautiful full-bodied voice and still rock out? Cause something strange happened when watching the LA-based band Sisu and its singer Sandy Vu, crush one hauntingly gorgeous chorus after another at School Bar last month – I’ve realized the number of rock bands with genuine female singers is lacking here in Beijing. Authentic, properly trained singers who can hold a melody and whose voice draws you in. And while there’s nothing wrong with bands whose singers do what I describe as ‘shout singing’ it was nice to see a band with some serious vocal talent behind it’s icy cool, rock hard synth-flavored cold new wave rock. A surprisingly soothing way to end the weekend. Supporting duties were taken up by Pacalolo, the bubbly electro rock (now) duo, whose music perplexes and fascinates me to no end – in the best possible way – retro-flavored neo-kitsch rock and roll that blindsides you with its energy and fervor.




















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