In Pictures: Serge Teyssot-Gay (FR), Octopoulpe (FR/SK), 1000 Postures (Hot Cat Club 02.12.2016)


Well that was an unexpected delight. What started out as a romantic night on Fangjia Hutong soon turned into a rambunctious evening of riotous sounds from Hot Cat Club, who were righteously pulling double duty as Temple Bar dealt with some unruly fire exit warlords (quick note: they’re back and look to mean business!). So instead of just catching boss French avant garde musician Serge Teyssot-Gay (of Noir Desir fame) giving a wonderfully transcendent solo outing (later joined by Bastards of Imperialisms guitarist Jukka Ahonen) the Hot Cat Club went into true overdrive around midnight as a circus of one of a kind artists from Korea and France took the stage and blew all kinds of minds. From the theatrical mummified angular rock of 1000 Postures, to the awe inspiring one man band Octopoulpe, who played perfectly in sync with his video-only bandmates (all the same character mind you), to finally the epileptic techno mind erasing of Klaus Legal – these guys were on their own wavelength and all the better for it. A crazy night indeed, and one that thankfully local photographer Laurent Hou was present at to capture. Laurent’s been a good buddy of mine over the past couple years and as you can tell, a pretty ace photographer – so a big thank you to him for capsuling a very surreal night of music – one that I just had to give a shout out to. Be sure to check out his work here, here, and here (WeChat: laurenthou)

























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