In Pictures: Sealed Jar, Delusions of Color (XP 06.05.2015)


While the future of XP is still uncertain , it’s good to know the venue is back in the business of giving up and coming bands a showcase to strut their stuff. That’s where Wednesday nights come in —- a night that has been put aside to do exactly that. I was lucky enough earlier this month to check out two such bands – bands whose sounds are just reaching the public, and bands whose sounds might just perk up some ears and get people talking. And while the three piece Color of Delusion could easily fall into Maybe Mars’s catalogue of bands that dig the hell out of Velvet Underground, there’s an inherent willingness to push that aesthetic further and twist it apart for your sonic pleasure. Wet behind the ears for sure, but much promise. On the other hand, Sealed Jar, won me over completely. Earnest, melodic, with their hearts firmly on their sleeves, the electronic-guitar duo aren’t going to have people falling head over heels or starting a mosh pit. Instead, what we have here is an ambient-based indie pop songwriting at it’s finest – not afraid to takes it’s time, and not afraid to go for those high notes. Very much impressed I was – so much, that I’ve booked them for the next Gulou Double Decker. About time we all tried something new. Check out more pictures below.
















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