In Pictures: Ryosuke Kiyasu (JP), Ding Chenchen, Wang Ziheng (Underpass 21.02.2016)


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Or in this case, when Beijing authorities forbid you from performing in a venue you straight up take that shit to the underpass. That was the underlying reason for Sunday night’s outing to the 3yuanqiao underpass in Beijing, where Japanese noise artist and percussionist Ryosuke Kiyasu performed. The artist’s three-night residency in Beijing was axed last minute (though those dates were set pretty dang far in advance) due to, well, being Japanese and getting a little too volatile with his drum(s). So, with the help of Zoomin Nights and Subjam, the showcases were moved to living rooms and in this occasion, a frigid underpass. The show went off without a hitch, a glorious mess of percussion tomfoolery full of unhinged impulsive rage, and a drum which managed to move from end to end of the tunnel. Ryosuke was later joined by ‘sheet metal’ solo artist Ding Chenchen and saxophone madman Wang Ziheng for an even more explosive unwary collaboration that left passer-byers in shock and awe (mostly ‘get me the fuck out of this tunnel now’ shock). On a side note, the park which rides alongside the Airport Expressway is littered with sketchiness and six feet plus tall prostitutes looking for trouble. Now that’s Zoomin night material. More pictures below.













































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