In Pictures: Round Eye, Motorbike Girls, Noise Arcade (Temple 04.12.2015)


It’s clear watching Round Eye, the rabid doo-wop sax-wielding punk outfit, out of Shanghai, that they are pros. The way they work a crowd, with every pelvis thrust, guitar swing, smash of a cymbal, and twisted twinkle in their eye, it’s all laid out on the floor for you, the audience. The stage is their circus and each and every one of you is invited to witness (and in many cases take part in). That’s what exactly Temple was subjected to earlier this month when Nasty Wizard Recordings teamed up with the circus runners for a release alongside Mexican indie rockers Sierra Leon. And boy, what a hoot the release show was with local support from friends and allies Noise Arcade, and Motorbike Girls, the latter’s first outing as a trio. Bask in the glory and debauchery of Rock n Roll 101 below.


































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