In Pictures: Pill Couple (RUS) Temple 09.03.2017

Vladivostok – the port city of Russia that borders China – has increasingly been linking up with its massive neighbor just west for touring and I couldn’t be happier. While last year saw outfit Starcardigan make the trek twice to Beijing, this past weekend show not one, but two acts out of the sea side city come through Beijing. And when a Russian bands comes through Beijing they leave no venue unturned – with both Pill Couple and Anoshkin performing over four days at five venues. A bit overkill but when you’re touring out of your own pocket you gotta get in as many licks as possible I suppose. I was fortunate enough to check out the synthpop trio Pill Couple at Temple Bar on their first night. Tight sound, tight performance, though I must admit I was expecting something with a little more atmosphere and danger. Their sound dip into everything from Kurt Cobain angst to new wave indie rock but they managed to keep things running smoothly throughout and even gave a taste of their cohorts band’ Anoshkin. One small nitpick – if you’re gonna be performing around Beijing for four days it doesn\’t hurt to invite some local acts to open for you. Just saying. Hope Vladivostok continues sending over their talent, and on that note, see more Beijing bands making the journey eastwards.

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