In Pictures: Nahash, iimmune, Noise Arcade (fRUITYSPACE 04.12.2016)


After a weekend pounding I found dragging my noncompliant body across Gulou to fRUITYSPACE to drone out to some of the electronic trickery the basement hangout had assembled for the evening. And really, there’s no better medicine for a hangover than some drone, even better when you can enjoy it sprawled back in your chair with a Ginger Ale. Providing the ear candy was Shanghai producer maverick Laura Ingalls who returned under the guise of his moniker Nahash – pedals, guitar, and plenty of blackened stripped down ambiance. The fact that fRUITYSPACE had to keep the guitar levels down below a certain level only added to the eerie beauty. Also on hand were iimmune, an artist who’s constantly finding new ground and in my book has a perfect track record, and Noise Arcade, who was forced to improvise and perform a sexier, cuter keyboard. Laid back, but dense soundscapes to close out the weekend.
















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