In Pictures: MIDI Festival (Shenzhen 01/01/2016)


Part two of LBM’s trip down south with SUBS. With New Year’s Eve behind us, we had Shenzhen in our sights for the MIDI Festival. As many of you may remember MIDI didn’t get a chance to strut it stuff in Beijing this year due to some serious tight-assery in Beijing, so this was my only chance to get in my festival kicks. The festival was low-key as far as MIDI Festivals goes – not too packed, only two stages, and lots of police. About that – so before the festival there was the possibility that the whole shebang being cancelled due to the other tight asses of the world – ISIS. No joke. And while that never came to fruition, police were being extra careful about the whole situation, even going as far as using a drone to survey the stage structure between sets and profile certain attendees (which is as off putting as it sounds). Nevertheless, folks came out to partake in the music — and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised about how many tight acts were on hand – from seminal emo rockers Twinkle Star, to Hangzhou indie folk group Tree, to the glorious epic indie anthems of Chengdu’s Soundtoy, as well as Beijing’s own Scare The Children, relishing the moment and slaying hordes of hungry fans, SUBS, who caused a poor security guard to get plowed in the bum by an overly zealous fan, and of course, the pivotal, ever righteous Miserable Faith, who had people going full blown ape shit and holding onto their every word. A hot bed of big sounds and harmonious gawking that was the perfect way to close out the night. Check out the pictures below and thanks again to SUBS for letting me tag along as well as all the merry folks whom I meet during the trip.















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