In Pictures: Mai Mai Mai (Italy), Mengqi, Noise Arcade, Shengjie x Doctore XIIN (fRUITYSPACE 28.04.2016)


Deep sounds and electronic wizardry at fRUITYSPACE to kick off the MayDay holiday. The guest of honor was the Italian soundsmith Mai Mai Mai, who was kicking off a lil China tour and gotta say – some devilishly intriguing sounds coming out of there. Noise music with a taste of the primal that subtly finds a groove that slowly takes over and enraptures. My kind of darkness. The night also find some sonic grace in the duo of Shengjie (gogoj) and Doctor XIIN on cello and synthesizer, as well as the IDM abyss of Noise Arcade and the technically majesty of Mengqi, who always game for surprises. On a side note, fRUITYSPACE, amidst all the closures and cyniscism, is really bringing their A game this year, with shows every week and an intimate (thank you kind lighting) atmosphere that’s feels personable and curious. Highly recommend adding their wechat (fRUITYSHOP). Check out more pictures below the jump.


































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