In Pictures: Luv Plastik Release Show (XP 15.11.2014)

Insouciance can run deep in indie rock and XP as a venue is not known for being a baric slaughterhouse of kinetic energy but Beijing proved once again that deep in the wrinkles of its musical hands there is full frontal rock nudity to be found. LuvPlastik are an enthralling heavily bluesed-up noise rock two-piece that want to fuck your ass. And I think you should let them.


Check out more from guest editor Andrew Kowalski as well as a slew of pictures of Luv Plastik’s release show at XP (with support from Nakoma, Noise Arcade, and Chinese Modern Guys) below…


With likely comparisons to That Fucking Tank, early Thee Oh Sees and Death From Above 1979 –  LuvPlastik have succeeded  in crafting a sound that elicits a full ecliptic heavy thrust with echoing melancholic scope.


There is a powerful play between the two deeply engaging vocalists; where one voice acts as the higher ‘beta wavelength’  a perceived, front-loaded, roaring,  instructional force with psychedelic taunts, and the other voice plays as a deeper, alpha, dreamscape sub-conscious, licentious, goading forward.


Band that have never passed through the inferno of their passions  never overcome them. Luvplastik have and deliver a dark but timely reminder that when heavy echoing psy-blues is needed, more than two people are not.

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