In Pictures: Lonely Leary, Gate to Otherside, Death Narcissists (Temple 24.09.2015)


Debauched, ridiculous, and yes, quite groovy – local playboy and jinjiu connoisseur Chairman Wow threw a hell of a ‘birthday’ bash – his second one in two months – an shameless excuse to get down and dirty at Temple in a psychedelic whirlwind of rock and roll. And why the not? Armed with a liquid projector (putting a transparent container with colored liquids in it on the overhead projector), a bubble machine, and a smoke machine – which got more and more out of hand as the night rode on, submerging the band and crowd in a fog of smoke – Chairman Wow gave Temple a hell of a hungover as three of the years best new bands – post punks Lonely Leary, indie psych outfit Gate to Otherside, and grunge-gazed punks Death Narcissists – strut their stuff. Dangerously fun times. Check out more twerked out photos – one of the few times I\’ve tied to capture the spirit of the event.





































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