In Pictures: Lobekraft, Noise Arcade, Punx (fRUITYSPACE 08.10.2016)


Went to space out with the Nasty Wizard crew during the October holiday (technically the first day back to work for most) at fRUITYSPACE – a low-key audial treat that was the perfect way to ease into the banal routine that is the workweek, but more importantly celebrate the true holiday – International Cassette Store Day – which is a thing and is totally righteous. And celebrate we did with the release of Nasty Wizard Recordings’ latest tape – a split between Canadian ambient slayer Holy Hum and Beijing electronic soundsmith Lobekraft, a regular on the electronic scene here in Beijing, as well as a patron of the cassette (check out cassette label 87fei87, which he’s apart of). Lobekraft was kind enough to grace the basement space with some nocturnal soundscapes, alongside pedal-master Noise Arcade and offbeat techno junkie Punx. More pictures below.













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