In Pictures: LBM Sunday Solace (DDC 2 Year Anniversary)


When DDC asked if I wanted to close out their 2 Year Anniversary, I was skeptical. First off, I was on the other side of the world at that point. Second, I don\’t do well on Sundays. Never have. Never will. Nevertheless, it was just too tempting (and I have a terrible time saying no to anyone). So that\’s how the LBM Sunday Solace took shape, and it was a hoot. A mixed bag of acts and genres taking stage – from the drone IDM and techno pull of Noise Arcade and punx, to the jammy blues-ridden alternative rock of 16 mins, and finally two visiting acts – project:IMPAIR from South Korea and Starcardigan from Russia. Both gave full-bodied performances that left audiences wanting more. Can\’t thank them enough for joining in on the fun. Overall though, it was a laid back Sunday outing, one where friendly (albeit hungover) faces, old and new, opened up as the night went on, till we were a merry mess. And while my night concluded with me curled in the fetal position on a rooftop in the rain, I wouldn\’t take a second of the evening back. Cheers DDC and to all the bands for another rocking good time.

Expect another DDC Showcase in early September with some old favorites as well as some new blood to kick off the school year. More pictures below.


























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