In Pictures: Kurt Vile & the Violators (USA), Uncle Hu (Tango 16.10.2016)


Kurt Vile is a singer\’s songwriter through and through – there\’s an old soul deep within that well of lyricism and cross-country Americana; A wise, assured, clear-headed authenticity that makes the Philadelphian a joy to watch. Chinese promoting juggernauts, Split Works, who are celebrating ten years of kick ass shows this coming month, hosted the fuzzy artist last month at Tango – a lovely Sunday bookend (especially after Saturday’s mayhem). Americana told with urban grit, a sly sense of humor, and a surprising amount of depth, the singer managed to go through four guitars (including a banjo) by the end of the set, seamlessly jumping from tune to tune – modest, professional, and with an air of weightlessness. What more could one ask for – Split Works continues to tap into some of finest contemporary artists and Beijing is more than willing to receive. Check out more pictures below including those of opening act Uncle Hu, a band that also relies on its melancholic and lyrical frontman.



















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