In Pictures: Guiguisuisui, Gum Bleed, Round Eye (Caravan 25.11.2016)


Hot damn! That’s how you throw down for a wedding. Caravan hosted the wonderfully beautiful (and surly) wedding party for Guiguisuisui aka Dann and Sue at the end of last November and it was really was something. I could blab on and on about how wonderful those two are, but what amazes me is how quickly a wedding celebration breaks you down and brings out the best in you. Spirits were high, drinks were flowing, and even Round Eye made the trek up from Shanghai for the occasion. Best of though was Caravan (filling in last minute for Temple) whose hospitality and homey vibe was the perfect setting for the joyous punk hoedown, which saw Gum Bleed (lead singer Dee joined the 29 Club that evening as well) and Mr. Gaymer himself bring their A-game. These folks in here – some of the finest this city has to offer. Friends and family – what more could you ask for. Enjoy the event through the inebriated lens of yours truly (I don’t think I once looked through the viewfinder) and once again congratulations to the bride and groom – may your best years be ahead of you.







































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