In Pictures: ‘Get Off’ Music Festival (798 Livehouse 06.10.2016)


Contrary to what some may think – the music scene is alive and well in Beijing. Just take a look at the ticketing platform showstart to get a fuller view of just how many shows are going down on a given weekend (and that’s not including many of the Gulou staples). A heck ton. At venues I haven’t even heard of or didn’t even realize were still operating. Take 798 Livehouse. They’ve been quietly (to some circles at the very least – a point most people forget when they talk about how few shows are happening outside of Gulou) hosting shows week after week, with solid lineups nonetheless. Power to them. While the acoustics in there aren’t up to snuff, aesthetically it’s perfect for some down and out rock and roll. And during the Golden Week holiday we got just them – a full day worth of rock and roll from an array of artists with active followings. Perhaps not with the underground tastemakers of today – but legions of Chinese fans who grew up on them. From the crusty hard rock of Iron Kite (a band that’s been around since the mid-1990s), the bluesy folk rock of Hoochie Coochie Gentlemen, the big band appeal and energy of Mr. Honey, to even the britpop swooning of Windsor Forest, and the always reliable alternative rock of Perpetual Motion Machine – these are bands that have been hitting the China circuit for years and it shows. Gig warriors. More pictures below.































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