In Pictures: Fugu (Malaysia), Si Wei (fRUITYSPACE 12.03.2016)


fRUITYSPACE, the new (quite literally) underground music venue from the team behind fRUITYSHOP, the vinyl safe haven next to Dongsi, is up and running and it’s glorious. Complete with seats, tables (never take those babies for granted) and a stocked bar, the cozy, well-lit venue looks to operates both as an experimental space and as a space for bands and artists that don’t fit as easily on the bills around town. Or so I hope. I had the pleasure of catching Malaysian improv duo FUGU, whose blend of heavenly and technoid layers, composed from a violin and a theremin, was simply splendid – both lyrical and challenging all at once. Opening for them was ex-AK-47 guitarist Si Wei, who gave a drone-filled, tweaked out guitar set that got my ears blushed. Check out more pictures below and be sure to check out the wonderful space located at 13 Meishuguan Dong Jie. Can’t wait to book some musical mayhem over there.

























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