In Pictures: Duff Beer, Jaruco Punk, Hang Nail (Temple 17.11.2016)


Part two of my weekend early bird or my inability to wait till Friday to get in my licks. With a poster that promised all varieties of skanking, there was no way I wasn’t gonna pop my head into Temple to see what the kids were failing their arms to. And while in reality there wasn’t too much skanking I relished the opportunity to check out some fresh new talent – including Duff Beer, quite the hot ticket nowadays – a lively, extra scrappy no frills punk band that fit right in. Also on the bill were the female fronted Hang Nail, who kept spirits up with their rowdy set which found its singer jumping around with reckless abandon. The evening was kick offed by Jaruco Punk, who won my heart simply based on attire and their drummer’s snarling enthusiasm. Skank worthy indeed.


















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