In Pictures: CNdY (Modernsky Lab 14.05.2016)


This was my first real foray into Modern Sky’s new digs in the Galaxy SOHO. I’m walked the premises before during an afternoon shindig, but to see Modernsky Lab in all it’s nighttime glory is something else. They’ve snagged a swell location, one that feels cut off from the rest of Gulou and from the rest of the city. In many ways it’s the urban equivalent of Dos Kolegas, where patrons have multiple places to set up shop – whether it’s the sunken corridor outside, or the DJ room where folks can lounge by the bar, or the actual music space – a narrow 7 x 14 meter room that packs up pretty quickly. All in all, despite the mammoth that is Modern Sky and all it’s corporate greed, it’s a chill place to spend an evening. We went there to caught electronic trio CNdY, who were dropping their latest EP, You, and to celebrate the occasion they tried giving away free Four Locos, a drink that was banned in the US for being the possible cause of giving eighteen-something-year-olds heart attacks. And despite the fact that CNdY’s brand of hyped up, acid techno should be playing at the midnight hour and not ten o clock, and the hype man using his potty mouth too much, I very much enjoyed the atmosphere provided by the trio and venue. Looking forward to stopping by again. More pictures below.

























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