In Pictures: Caravan One Year Anniversary (19.03.2016)


Local Moroccan eatery Caravan, run by rock and roll patron Badr, has slowly been becoming a must visit stop for both food and music lovers alike. And believe me, the two go together quite well as witnessed a couple weeks back, as Badr and company celebrated it’s first year with a music filled weekend – \’the ghost of dazeFeast\’ as its owner put it. I was lucky enough to attend evening two, where some of the local scene’s most \’feet tapping ready\’ bands provided the goods (to go along with a stellar chicken tagine main course) including Little Punk, Mademoiselle, Wu & the Side Effects, and PlausAbel DeniaBilly. Good food, good folks, good tunes, good times. Check out Caravan’s weekly schedule here (though I’d recommend adding their wechat for the freshest updates) and scroll down for more (poorly shot) pictures.


































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