In Pictures: Bob Ostertag, Liquid Palace, Hong Qile (fRUITYSHOP 23.10.2015)


Mind blown. It’s not too often I can use those words with a gig here in Beijing anymore. My eyes have taken in quite a bit since I’ve started this site, and my ears a heck ton more. So to be moved to the core; to experience something so utterly singular and transporting that my mind ever so slightly veers – it’ a rarity nowadays. Well, Bob Ostertag – you’ve done it. The avant-grade artist, a name well known in many circles (and certainly not mine) presented his 1991 piece Sooner or Later, comprised from a recording of a young boy burying his father in El Salvador, who had been killed by the National Guard. Harrowing stuff, but what Mr. Ostertag does with that recording, is hypnotically heart breaking and beautiful. Forcing the audience to be consumed by each breath, cry, stroke of a shovel, and buzz of a fly Mr. Ostertag forces us to view that horror and grief from a new perspective. Like I said – mind blown. BEME 4 pulled off hell of show at fRUITYSHOP which also gave audiences a taste of Liquid Palace, the combo of electronic wizard Mengqi and Silvernuz, whose set got all kinds of loud and proves once again that Mengqi has the greatest toys ever, as well as Hong Qile alongside VJ Mao Wengweng, who gave a shadowy, glitchful set of dark tones. Solid stuff. Check out more pictures below, though at Bob Ostertag’s request no photos were taken during the Sooner or Later piece.


















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